Remedies For Sunburn

An unpleasant experience to deal with and more often than not, it can bring you pain and discomfort for days to come. Sunburn or staying out in the sun for too long can bring about varied effects and while it is mostly beneficial, it can also bring about irritation, particularly on the skin.


It is extremely important to know your skin’s reactions to exposure to the sun and act accordingly. Some people can handle the long hours of the sun and only mildly react with a ‘blushing’ healthy glow. Others may become red like a lobster and feel the heat in its entirety, while others can react with severe symptoms.


According to research, young children suffer from sun damage the most due to their soft and sensitive skin and simply shows the effects that sun exposure may have, more so on sensitive skin.


Here’s what to do to keep yourself safe in the strong sun and to find relief and use safe remedies while exposed to the sun:)


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Benefits of Sunshine:)


Don’t get me wrong, while too much exposure to the sun can also bring around tremendous health advantages that we can all benefit from, it is simply gaining those at a balance.


We have all heard of the potent Vitamin D that is readily available through sun exposure and can in fact be one of the essential compound that mediates numerous biochemical reactions to ensure the proper function of your organs.


One unique feature of vitamin D is that it acts more like a hormone rather than a vitamin, which gives it additional properties to affect a wide range of cellular functions.


In fact, you can find vitamin D receptors on every cell of your body.



Direct natural goodness overall as other sources of Vitamin D usually are from meat or animal products and certainly not suitable for vegetarians/vegans, there are many benefits entailed from sun exposure:-


  • The serotonin that you absorb in the sun can uplift your mood and make you feel alert! Can aid in good functioning of the nervous system


  • Most natural form of gaining Vitamin D which is crucial to keep bones, teeth and muscles strong


  • Boosts the immune system allowing it to improve and work better with all the functions within and provide better health


  • May reduce the risk of gaining certain diseases such as heart conditions or depression and allows for the healthy formulation of healthy red blood cells


  • Boost in energy levels and can make you feel energized out in the sun and motivated more to have more fun!


It is clear that the sun is there for a reason and supports all of humanity, however it is also true to minimise exposure, take into consideration your skins needs and off all age groups.

Why Does Sunburn Happen?


This is simply a natural reaction for being out in the sun for long periods of time and sometimes can’t be helped, depending on the severity of the sun’s rays. The sun does produce UVA and UVB rays which can cause slight or severe sunburn and are high wavelengths. Skin damage can occur from these sun rays.


UVC rays stands for ultraviolet C and is the most dangerous form of light and the highest energy level out of all the sun’s rays and because it is safely filtered through the ozone layer, it never hits the grounds or us.




Sunburn is a direct ‘hit’ from too much sun exposure or if the sun is too strong for your skin to handle. Certain people have a disadvantage of the sun, such as those with certain skin conditions or those with respiratory problems can actually worsen in the sun. Even light-skinned people can tan more compared to those that have a darker complexion.


Many people do not get effected by the sun much and studies show that those exposed to a lot of sun can actually live longer compared to those that have very little exposure to the sun,


“Sunbathers outlived those who shielded away from the sun.”


How To Avoid Sunburn

There is a difference in avoiding sunburn and avoiding the sun! Remember that some sun exposure is vital for keeping well, uplifting your mood and taking in vital elements such as Vitamin D.


In some cases, too much sun exposure can allow for blisters or rashes to appear on the skin (depending on your skin type) and can cause you to completely avoid the sun depending on the seriousness.


If your skin can lead up to this, seek professional advice and take precautions as stated above, venture out onto the shades of the outside world and even carry an electronic fan with you to help keep you cool.


Mineral foundation or natural, chemical free sunscreen can aid in keeping your skin calm while out in the hot sun, ensure to re-apply when necessary and not to do too much vigorous activity to avoid burning out, its best just to do minimal activity in instances as these.


Remedies from Sunburn


Before you know it and for some that can get carried away – the sun got you…bad! It’s no laughing matter, no pun intended here – it can really make you down and unconfident if you do get sunburn. It may even take you weeks, if not months to recover from the strong tanning or discoloring that you got from spending too much time in the heat:-


  • Use an after sun gel or cream that contains no harsh chemicals and apply according to the instructions. You may even need to seek professional advice from your doctor if needed.


  • Applying Aloe Vera gel or mango butter may help your skin to stay calm while fighting off the rashes or irritation stemmed from intense heat exposure.


  • Avoid aggravation to the skin in any form – this includes stress or even staying indoors for some time. Eating less or participating in intermittent fasting may help in healing up the skin faster as not only does it give your body a break to do so but you are also avoiding chewing and ‘moving’ your face which means less aggravation overall.
  • Drink water to satiate your quench and thirst. This can help you feel energized providing you with adequate energy needed.


  • Patience!!! You may roll your eyes with this one ( I certainly do)! However, this can be a chance to embrace this time to slow down and concentrate in yourself while waiting out the blisters or the sun burnt that you may have – it will not last forever!



Avoiding too much sun in the first place is better than having to treat and work on the side effects that may arise. Be careful as only you know your skin well and it may be at a sensitive stage at the moment which means to be extra vigilant when out in the sun.


Take precautions when out in the sun and seek professional advice when necessary, when extra support is certainly  valuable at this time.


Thank you for reading and if you do have any questions or comments, please leave below and I’ll be sure to help you out:)


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