What Is Algae?

Algae can be considered as plants and they all contain chlorophyll, while most algae do not contain roots, stems or leaves. They are essential for the role of all marine life and provide a food source for sustaining the ecological community.

In reality, algae are known for providing a wide range of holistic benefits and because these are all plants that stem from under the sea since time began, it has been said that they are the most nutrient dense foods in the planet!

Algae exist practically anywhere on this Earth and according to research, algae have been here well before us humans appeared and managed the whole world with their green pores and substances in looking after the whole planet, which were around 650 million years ago!!!

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Making Your own Fermented Foods!

CULTURESforHEALTH has everything that you need to make your very own fermented foods right inside your home. From Greek yogurt, to home-made bread, to Kombucha, to a variety of Kefir’s, there are a staggering amount of ingredients and recipes to help you create healthy cultured foods for you and your family!

Check out the video below that teaches you all about making your very own Water Kefir. Now, this beverage is simple to make, delicious and probiotic rich that provides your body with BILLIONS of potent healthy bacteria:-

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