Take Control Of Your Own Health And Life.

Isn’t it wonderful to wake up each and every morning with an excitement to get on with your day full of health and joy. Just to get on with life, fulfilling tasks and trying out new things. Meeting new people. Breathing in the fresh air. Trying something different.

Every day should be an adventure, even if you are just doing the same things again the very next day but what is your perspective on this? How do you feel about doing these things?

Make the start of the Day Easy and the rest should follow.

If you are a breakfast person (unlike me!) then starting the day with a clean breakfast is a great way to get ready for the day. Having a smoothie, healthy oats with raw honey or simply a fruit salad is a good start to make you feel alive and ready.


Drinking filtered water is healthy too and if you have time, doing some yoga is a game changer! It makes you feel relaxed and ready to take anything on simply by doing some relaxing breathing exercises to light body movements, it doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous. Looking outside the window and smiling can make you feel positive and great.

Be Aware of what you Feel and your Thoughts.

The point that I am trying to make is anything that we take part in doing whether that be the food we eat, the activities that we undertake and the job that we work for should make us feel fulfilled  and somewhat of an achievement.

Trust in your feelings. No one can make you follow a dream or a goal that your heart does not desire, because it usually ends with disaster and regret if you go down the route that does not feel right, believe me, I’ve been there.

So, if you want to start a sewing class – go ahead! If you want to learn another language – Don’t stop! If you are going through peer pressure, then step away and you will find something better! The more you follow through with your ambitions, the more free and happy you will consume within.

Life Is Blissful.

Be aware of your inner voice. Listen to your intuition that helps you and others, that is kindness and good willed. Ultimately this is what we are. We are creative and happy people but we need to understand how to live life to the fullest.

Do not worry about mistakes and disasters, aren’t they a part of life? Isn’t life full of mistakes that we learn from and move on to something better? We all have our own unique journeys. We do not need to keep comparing ourselves to others and copying others because where is the fun in that?

Where exactly will that get you, really think about that. So, what is your style speaking? Who are you? You find out by listening to…YOU.

Be happy and free.

In everything that we do, counting your blessings is magical! Giving thanks and appreciation will make you feel joyous and awake to the hope and joy all around you.

Obstacles and challenges will come and go and problems that we face may be handled from a different angle, but it’s all about trying your best as you are doing the best that you can! In other words, saying the words, “thank you” to all that you have and all that you do from the heart can make you feel good most of the time! Here are some examples:

  1. Before and after eating a meal.
  2. When you wake up in the morning to start a new day, new beginnings.
  3. Learning and discovering new things, new lessons.
  4. For everybody always there helping you, confiding in, whether that be a friend, teacher, doctor or neighbour.
  5. For completing any tasks, minor or major.

Life is A Journey.

Fear and jealousy are just feelings to make you aware that you have some things that you are working on, that you are looking to fulfil, that you are searching for something, just let it come and go. Please don’t hold on to these feelings for too long as it really will make you blind and unaware of the love and hope that is there all around us for everybody and you too.

If you do feel dread or nervous, catch a habit to make yourself feel eventually at ease. If something does go wrong, do not jump or panic, instead slow down and think, “at least this is not a tragedy, I can overcome this, but how can I?” Basically do not take life too seriously.

Eating healthy is crucial for overall health as this effects our mindset as well and our lives in general. Throughout my website I have put up posts and articles that can be small steps to having desirable effects and hope all the information proves useful to you and most importantly makes you smile and live healthier!

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4 thoughts on “Take Control Of Your Own Health And Life.”

  1. Hello Farah, it’s really important to see how there are such articles that can help you become better when it comes to health issues and I feel such articles are not appreciated enough. So many people about our daily activities with one thing or another hold f you back and somehow it affects our health. Once you start having control over these little things you’ll live better 

    • Hello Justin, I couldn’t agree with you more! We just need to find the time to add the things that we want to do, into our schedules. There’s always so much to learn and do, prioritising our workload helps to attain some of our goals. Thanks very much:)

  2. As I read on and got deeper into the site, it’s almost as if I became more relaxed.  Being aware of my thoughts and feelings has always been important to me.  Especially through tough times, we all need to take a few steps back and get our inner self right again.

    Providing information from hand soaps to the right types of food that help with stress and other life factors that each of us deal with every day is wonderful.  Thank you for sharing so much and keep posting really helpful material.  Look forward to visiting the site again soon.


    • Hello Bruce, You are certainly correct! It is very important to pause now and then and relax too. Eating healthy always contributes to looking and feeling better, finding some “me time,” allows to take a step back. Have a great day!


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