Trinket Treasures – A Review

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4 Responses

  1. Lakisha Akbar says:

    I love keepsake boxes. The one and only one that I have ever had was years ago. Unfornately after years of not opening up the box it never opened again. My keepsake box was more like a puzzle. To open the box I literally had to put my pieces in the right place for it to open. My father brought it back from Saudi Arabia during the war. 

    Anyhow, the memory boxes that you have listed here are beautiful. I always see the musical boxes, especially the one with the ballerina in it. I always see that one in the movies but, I have never seen it in any of my local stores. Do they sell the musical boxes in local stores? I also notice that they come in small sizes. Are there larger ones? And are there any for small girls? Like cartoon character ones?

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hello – yes, there are a wide variety of music and jewellery boxes of many shapes and sizes. They really are beautiful keepsakes and always brings joy in anybody’s home, great as a gift too! 

      They should sell some musical boxes in antique stores or even in local charity stores. You can even check the stationary section in supermarkets to view some there  – worth a look:)

  2. joeyoung says:

    I love opening my drawers full of items that gives me great memories as it helps me reminisce back to good friends, family and times in my past. I have been looking everywhere for the perfect storage as I just have so many to keep. You have a lot of great options here as I want to also have something pretty to decorate my desk with, the Porcelain Jewelled Music Box will definitely work well as I love the design of the butterflies and my favourite colour is blue! I just want to ask, how do we trigger the music from the Porcelain Jewelled Music Box? Is it through a wind-up method where we have to spin the trigger around and the music will play for a few seconds? If so, it would be so much fun as it really will bring back even more memories of my favourite music box when I was young!

    Thank you so much for providing me with these awesome choices, the Porcelain Jewelled Music Box is definitely my favourite here! 

    • Wholeearthgoodness says:

      Hi, Yes that box is stunning and if you click on the actual image of the music box you can find out more about it and see alternatives as well. The music plays at the turn of a key and this small but incredible keepsake plays ‘on the wings of love,’ – thanks for your interest:)

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